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Eating Disorders are not a Gender

It became evident to me when I first began writing about eating disorders that I wasn't alone. I was lucky enough to receive so much love and support from other women all around the world suffering from the same thing I was. We commiserated, cried, laughed, screamed and mourned that dark period of our lives together. We figuratively held hands as we pushed onward, determined to rescue ourselves.

I was about three months recovered when a close friend confided in me about his own struggles with anorexia. He had suffered for a few years before he realized he was harming himself and needed to make a change. Now he is recovered and it is in his past, but almost no one besides me has knowledge of this major, terrifying, transformative piece of his life.

My childhood was a carefree one. I played outside a lot, wrote short stories, played sports, and ate whatever I wanted. I had all sorts of friends. Perhaps the only time when race, gender and sexuality just don't fucking matter is w…

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