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NEDA Week Special: Reasons to Recover

Photo taken November 2016, four months prior to recovery.
Hey Brainiacs,

Today's post is a blast from the past - a look at a list I was asked to make almost two years ago.

When I first began recovering, I was seeing a therapist pretty regularly. I was lucky to have so much support, even though such a huge part of me didn't want to keep pushing. As many of you know, recovery is hard. Sometimes I would just sit there and listen to her talking, wondering if her words would ever make a difference.

A few sessions in, she gave me homework. I internally rolled my eyes when she announced this - I had just graduated college and wasn't interested in some cheesy workbook about my "feelings" or some shit. However, the assignment was easy enough so I decided to at least give it a shot.

She asked me to make two lists: reasons to recover, and reasons to relapse. At first I was just excited to make the relapse list. I thought maybe I'd be able to come up with a sound reason to go…

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