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Racing Minds

The further away someone gets from their eating disorder, the easier it is to forget what they went through. At least, that's how it seems from a lot of recovery accounts on social media. They talk a lot about self-love and their happy new life, but not enough about how they got there or what exactly that life looks like, ED-wise.

This was frustrating to me as an anorexic, and even more so as a newly-recovering anorexic. I thought it was great how all of these people were learning to really love themselves, but I questioned the validity of it. I also questioned a LOT of other things, especially regarding what was happening to me physically, but I didn't get nearly enough answers.

Sometimes I wonder why I keep writing about this. I started to write about my experiences for one purpose: to answer questions for people. To provide information. To hopefully make this a little easier, to make the struggle feel a little more worth it for some of you. And I just don't feel done d…

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