7 Ways to Stay Healthy In An Office

At the start of the summer, I began interning at CBS Studios--a.k.a., my first office job.

I've heard all of the horror stories.  Not enough movement, constant grazing, coworkers bringing in donuts and snacks, confusing hunger with boredom.  I typically work as a cashier, so I'm constantly moving, and I'm heavily into fitness.  Even when I have a day off, I devote a large portion of the day to running, yoga, hiking, etc.  Naturally, this was kind of a terrifying transition for me.  I couldn't help thinking, Will I get enough steps?  Will I start eating too much?  Will I lose muscle mass, gain fat?  A little neurotic, I'm aware, but that's just me.  Anyway, I thought things through and developed a few quick and easy solutions to ensure that I could make the best of my office job and still be happy with my health.  In a similar jam?  Consider the following:

1. Stay hydrated

I bring this giant water bottle to work every day, and thankfully we are provided with a refreshing water cooler.  I make sure to refill it throughout the day, never without it by my side.  Drinking enough water, as most of us know, curbs appetite, gives you energy, and is great for the skin.

2. B.Y.O.T. (Bring Your Own Tea)

Thankful for whoever invented the hot water function on a water cooler.  I stuff my purse with tea bags every morning and bring a travel mug, brewing a fresh cup every two hours or so.  It's great for digestion and mood.  I like to drink green tea when I'm feeling tired, and oolong to keep me soothed during times of stress.

3. Say a Mantra

I know this sounds cheesy as all hell, but it really does help.  Sometimes the workload is light which causes the day to feel quite long, but I've learned from yoga practice that saying an uplifting mantra to yourself can do the same to your day.  Some mantras to consider: "I am strong."  "May my learning be lifting and powerful today."  "May my coworkers and I create strength amongst one another."  "I am prosperous."  "I am that."  The last one really speaks to me because of its simplicity.  It sounds like nothing, but it can be applied to literally ANYTHING.

4. Yoga--It Can Be Done At Your Desk

Yoga is more than a form of exercise.  It's a state of mind, good for the body and soul.  Simply touching your palms together and breathing deeply can send a wave of calm throughout your entity.  Make small circles with your neck, wrists, and ankles.  Roll your shoulders.  Stretch your arms overheard.  Breathe deeply throughout.  Inhale love, exhale love.

5. Walk every chance you get

Golf carts are more than common where I work--people use them to get absolutely everywhere on the lot.  I refuse to use one, no matter how great the distance.  I know my legs will thank me later.

6. Bring healthy snacks

This way you won't starve yourself into giving into a donut from the break room.  If you keep yourself fueled on fruit, veggie sticks, or nuts, you won't get hungry and be tempted to splurge on unhealthy crap. 

7. Do leg lifts in your chair

Too busy to get up and walk?  No problem.  Slowly lift one leg at a time while you type, calculate, make phone calls, whatever.  Great for the core and a simple energy boost.

These are just a few of my ways to stay health-conscious and happy in an office; if I didn't do these things, I doubt I'd be able to fight the urge to run out the door and straight into the nearest field, screaming and ripping out my hair tie.  Maybe it wouldn't be that dramatic.

Do you have any other ideas?  Do you think mine SUCK? Leave a comment!!



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