A Big Thang for Lipstick

I've always had an obsession with lipstick.  I have it in about every color imaginable, from so many different brands: Dior, YSL, MAC, Bobbi Brown, CK, Urban Decay, to name a few.  Lately I've embraced not wearing any makeup, apart from some lipstick and a little shape for my eyebrows.  It was terrifying at first (I've been wearing at least some sort of cover-up since I was about 12), but it's been so great for my skin.  I glow more than ever and every blemish and pore seems to have vanished.  Once you get used to being bare-faced, it's so liberating.

Anyway, this wouldn't be possible without my lipstick.  I'm obsessed with the stuff.  I tend to go for bright pinks, oranges, or reds.  I like a pop.  At least for my complexion; dark colors tend to wash me out.  Since I've tried so many brands, I've been able to establish that my top 2 are Christian Dior and Bobbi Brown.  I love the creamy texture of the lipstick--you don't even need to prime it with chapstick or moisturizer. 

What's your favorite?



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