Avie Acosta Scoffs at Barriers

The story of the trans/queer model breaking through stereotypes is almost old news at this point.  Trans models are slowly making their way to the runways, walking major shows with pride and confidence.  Female models are in menswear shows, men are in women's clothing, blah blah blah.  It's reassuring that it's old news--it means that change is beginning to take effect.

However, the story of Avie Acosta has a little more bite than your typical queer model.  Acosta was born male.  She grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, dreaming of moving to New York and making her mark in the fashion world.  At age 19, she moved to the City and began undergoing hormone treatment, determined to be on the outside who she felt she was on the inside.

Rather than pansy around about it by sending out resumes and crossing her fingers, or perhaps assuming it would fall into her lap, Acosta began reaching out to those she believed could make her modeling dream come true.  Here's the plot twist: it worked.  She quickly got an introduction to Kendall Werts, her now-agent. 

Acosta is now living out her dream.  What is better than that?  Her story practically brings tears to my eyes; this is someone who, at a young age, realized her own potential utilized it beautifully.  She now lives in the city she's been lusting after since she was a child, has an envy-invoking group of friends, and works for a major modeling agency.  That is how you get what you want.  You take it.

When asked what it's like to be on the men's board at her agency, she told New York Magazine: “I like to think of it as — you know when you were in middle school and there’s that one girl who is on the football team? And that girl was the cool girl?  That’s how I feel.”

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NOTE: All details on model taken from http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/06/avie-acosta-model-interview.html


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