Book Club: The Cuckoo's Calling

For my first Book Club post, I choose to discuss Robert Galbraith's The Cuckoo's Calling.  Robert Galbraith, a clever pseudonym for renowned literary rock star J.K. Rowling, uses this novel to introduce readers to a riveting crime mystery series, of which she has written three. 

I've been voraciously keeping up with the series, and The Cuckoo's Calling immediately captivated me.  Here are the reasons I love this novel, and perhaps reasons you will as well:

1. It takes place in England.  Maybe it's the Harry Potter fan in me, but I've always been in love with everything British.  While reading this novel, I talked to myself in a bad British accent and didn't stop for weeks.
2. The protagonist is easy to love.  Cormoran Strike is not an overwhelming character--a strong, silent, massive war veteran who wears a prosthetic leg and doesn't take well to small talk.  He's a bit socially awkward and blunt but he somehow always knows how to do the right thing, not to mention he's brilliant and described to be built as a linebacker.  This is my kind of man. 
3. He is going to fall in love with Robin.  Robin is his new secretary sent to him from a temp agency.  She has always wanted to work as a detective but never finished at university to fulfill her dreams.  This is her dream job and she's determined to stay on permanently.  Their relationship is so awkward and uncomfortable yet riddled with (sexual?) tension.  As you progress through the series, you want to grab each character, shake them hard, and scream "Tell her how you feel, man!"
4. The setting is the fashion world.  In this particular case, Strike is solving the death of a young and internationally famous fashion model, who her brother believes was murdered.  Many of the characters who appear are fashion photographers, models, celebrities, actors, etc.  It's quite glamorous.
5. The characters display diversity.  There are people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and age, with different accents and mannerisms that keep the book feeling so alive with personality.
6. It moves at a breakneck pace.  Completely unable to put down.  I don't think it left my hand for like 3 days straight.  As soon as you get started, you NEED to know who killed Lula Landry.

Has anyone else read any of the Cormoran Strike novels?  If so, what did YOU think?  Opinions? Frustrations? Elations? Leave a comment!



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