Carrie Bradshaw Moves On

For those of you who haven't heard, SJP has officially said goodbye to Carrie Bradshaw forever.  "Sex and the City," which aired its last episode on HBO in 2004, has been rumored to pick up again in the future or even film a third movie, but it seems the door has been's okay, though.  Let's still lie to ourselves and say this just sets the reunion back another few years.  Kind of like that impending "Friends"'s definitely happening.

Anyway, why do I say Parker is done with "SATC"?  She has been cast as the lead in a new HBO series "Divorce," a comedy about a couple going through a long and grueling split-up.  This will be her first television role since Carrie Bradshaw, so the bar is set pretty high.  However, I fell in love with SJP long before she was lusting over Manolos and brooding over Big--back when she was Janey in Girls Just Want to Have Fun.  This movie was the anthem of my childhood.  Parker has only gotten better in each role, and evolved into every woman's role model while I watched in amazement.

"Divorce," which will feature Thomas Haden Church as the soon-to-be-ex-husband, is sure to be a hit based on what Parker has always been capable of. 


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