Courrèges Resort 2017

Courrèges just released their resort line in Paris this morning and it's magnificent.  Done partially with a 3-D printer, it's like peering through a crystal ball of fashion's future.  The Courrèges team has always been one for minimalism: advertisements with no clothes in sight, backdrops of black and white, never using models.  This season isn't any different--the 18 pieces, each more innovative than the last, are displayed in a bare white room on a single silver hanger.

The collection starts out with outerwear, designed to look futuristic and space-agey.  It looks like something that can be found in the costume department of Star Trek--in the best way possible.  The rest of the line is metallic skirts and shorts, basic T-shirts that are far from basic, one blouse in particular that looks like you'd need assistance getting into, and a funky pair of white and silver booties.

The entire collection can be found here:
Check it out and let me know: What did you think about it? Would you wear it? Do you appreciate it? Do you hate it? Use your words!



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