Dakar Style

Dakar Fashion Week

This week marks the beginning of Dakar Fashion Week, a weeklong celebration of style and fashion unique to Africa.  While it is held in Senegal, the event is devoted to recognizing talent throughout the continent. 

Dakar Fashion Week is in its 14th year, having evolved from being a one-day event to an eight-day extravaganza.  Senegal native and designer Adama Paris told Vogue, "I remember the very first time we did this here, I was just 21; it was tough for people to take me seriously.  Now when Fashion Week happens everybody in the city knows it—we own Dakar."

It's inspirational to watch a culture not necessarily known for associations with high fashion to put on their own interpretation of what is considered stylish and beautiful.  We typically only follow fashion from New York, Paris, Milan, or London, but there are so many designers around the world with a message they want to get across.  Each culture has its own version of what is in and out for each season, what works for their men and women and what doesn't, and what makes each individual feel stunning, free, and lovely.  I love the chance to see what other women wear to give them confidence and allow them to shine among the masses. 

Attached are some backstage photos of the beautiful women involved in Dakar Fashion Week.  Leave a comment with your opinion.  What stands out to you?  What do you like?  What don't you like?  How does it compare to your perception of what is fashion?  I'm interested to hear what you have to say.


Credits: info from Vogue.com


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