Feminism in Sons of Anarchy

No, this post has nothing to do with fashion which might seem inconsistent.  However, that's why I named this blog "Taylor's Brain"--so that I could post about whatever I want without hearing any flak about it.

I recently watched Sons of Anarchy which I didn't really care for.  Sorry, but it's difficult for me to give a shit about bikers and the constant struggles of their lives.  It's a ridiculous show; someone's always getting killed or fucked or both, whatever, that's my opinion.  I find it ridiculous.  However, I'm a little OCD so once I started I had to force myself through the whole thing.  And yes this is Taylor Engle posting, NOT Sheldon Cooper (only Big Bang Theory nerds like myself will get that reference). 

Anyway, forcing myself to choke down one episode a night until I was done with the damn thing, I was able to take away one thing from the show that I really appreciated: the unexpected feminism.  And I'm not even talking about Gemma or Tara, which was so obviously geared toward a feminist audience it was almost annoying.  I'm specifically talking about the relationship between Jarry and Chibs in the final season.  I spent like an entire day googling articles about the feminism represented in this relationship and found none, so I figured I'd just write my own. 

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen the last season and don't want anything ruined, don't read further.

Okay, fair game.  The scene that stuck out to me in particularity is from Season 7, Episode 11.  Chibs and Jarry are arguing about their relationship and whether or not Chibs is invested in it or whatever; to be honest I kind of zoned out scrolling through Instagram during the actual conversation.  Anyway, they were in bed together and Chibs gets up to leave and Jarry gets all mad that he's leaving so she shoves him against the wall and what does Chibs do?  Pulls himself together and shoves her back.  This got my attention.  Jarry, completely alarmed, reaches her arm back to slap him across the face.  Chibs?  Slaps her right back.  And then they start having ridiculously aggressive sex, yada yada yada. 

At first, I didn't quite know how to react to this.  In our society, we are taught that hitting women is wrong and men should NEVER do it, so obviously I initially thought Chibs was kind of a dick.  However, after thinking it over a little more, I realized that there is nothing more feminist than this.

By no means am I a supporter of men who beat women, but here's the distinction: I don't think men shouldn't beat women JUST because they're men.  I don't think anyone should beat anyone, regardless of gender.  That's what makes it sexist, in my opinion.  Oh, she's a poor helpless woman who can't defend herself so don't take advantage of her.  No--Jarry slapped him.  She was the first to resort to violence.  Chibs simply returned it.  Something about that was incredibly empowering to me.  She's a woman, but she can handle herself.  She can take the consequences.  She wants to react to life violently, well then she needs to be ready to have it blow back at her.  I'm not suggesting Chibs beat her into submission, but I don't see anything wrong with tit for tat.  Maybe you'll hate me for this opinion, but I really stand by it. 

Want to complain anyway? Be my guest.  Or want to elaborate on my theory? Great. Leave a comment.



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