Gary Johnson for President

I don't even have to ask if I am the only one who is going to vomit all over myself if I have to see the name Trump or Clinton ever again (oops).  During my lunch break at work today I was enjoying a salad and skimming through my edition of New York Magazine when I came across an article introducing Gary Johnson to me.

Obviously Johnson doesn't have a prime platform in this election, as I have never heard of him before today, but just seeing "For president" next to a name that doesn't rhyme with Frump or Shinton made me giddy with excitement.  Johnson is a libertarian, which is a party I have always understood and agreed with on many issues but which has never been even close to mainstream.

While I doubt Johnson will be the first libertarian to change this, I can only hope that articles like this one and the one he wrote for CNN ( will circulate and get people thinking.  So many people are feeling discouraged when it comes to voting, which is a shame.  The right to vote and democracy is what this country is built on, and to have that passion and excitement practically obliterated by two blubbering assholes is completely disheartening.

Attached is a list of Johnson's stances on various issues...maybe you'll agree and maybe you won't, but at least give him a fair chance.  As of now, he is a glimmer of hope for me and for the first time in months, I feel the slightest bit of positivity about the future of our country.


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