Gender Fluidity in Fashion

More and more designers have been blurring the lines between their menswear and womenswear collections: Sibling, Prada, and Vivienne Westwood, to name a few.  At first I didn't know how to feel about this.  Would the collections focus too much on gender fluidity and, as a result, suffer in innovation and creativity?  Thankfully, the answer is no. 

It's liberating to see a world where men aren't supposed to wear pants and women aren't supposed to wear skirts.  No one is supposed to wear anything anymore.  Fashion is an art form, a vessel for free-thinking and self-expression.  It's not meant to be confining or restrictive.  It's meant to represent us as people: who we are, how we feel, what we like. 

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Vivienne Westwood Spring 2017 Men's

After all, what does it matter if a man wants to wear a dress or a woman wants to wear a tuxedo?  Who the fuck cares?

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