Givenchy Resort 2017

Givenchy Resort 2017 Collection

This morning while sipping on my chamomile tea (laced with cinnamon), I was perusing, which is how I always begin my day.  I happened to come across the 2017 resort collection stills for Givenchy, and I was pleasantly surprised by how impressive it was.

I know it's practically blasphemy to speak ill of the esteemed Givenchy and Riccardo Tisci, but I haven't been a fan of the past few collections (apart from Spring 2016--the collection and show were an absolute masterpiece).  Fall 2016/17 was quite basic in my opinion.  I think it was too focused on the silhouette; each piece began to blend to the previous one.  But that's the beauty of fashion (and art in general)--that was just my opinion.  Who cares if anyone agrees or disagrees?  We each interpret collections in our own way, based on our own personal tastes, experiences, and walks of life. 

For me, Resort 2017 is more of a departure from Tisci's aesthetic than we've seen before, and I really appreciated it.  I tend to be a fan of the more playful brands: Marc Jacobs, Giamba, Moschino, Jeremy Scott, Vetements, to name a few.  The structure of Givenchy's fall collection was off-putting to me.  However, this resort collection blended street style and youth culture magnificently with classic Givenchy.  Here are a few looks that really stood out to me:

Look 5: 90's Punk meets aristocrat.  The soft arms and pearls contrast the harsh platforms, crossbody strap bag, and chunky militant belt in a gorgeous way.

Look 7: The Swarovski trim is regal and calculated, yet the long tulle skirt and street chic jacket paired with bedazzled combat boots, dark shades, and bucket cap give it some cheesy as that sounds.

Look 14: I'm completely in love with this look.  The sneakers that lace up and transform into boots with a micro-mini skirt and striped polo--it's what I love about fashion.  The unpredictability.  Seeing these three pieces hanging up in a store, you're unlikely to consider them as an outfit, and yet it just works so fabulously.

Look 17: I really appreciate the repeated integration of workout-wear into an everyday look. 

Look 26: No bomber jacket and this passes as an all-American, Ralph Lauren or Calvin-Klein-esque professional woman's outfit, but the jacket gives it playfulness and humor.

Look 27: Absolutely gorgeous overcoat with a tulle train paired with simple black overalls makes for a stunning contrast.

These are just a few looks that stood out to me.  What stood out to you? What did you like/dislike about the collection? Feel free to post your response.  Disagree vehemently?  Passionately in accordance? Just don't like the way I talk?  Imagine that my face would piss you off?  Want to meet me for lunch and shake my hand?  Whatever.  Leave me a note.



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