Lady Gaga's Top 5 Looks

5. Sharp Angles

How she did it, I will never know.  Why?  An even bigger enigma.  I remember back about 5 years ago when Gaga came out with bones threatening to burst right through her skin, I thought she must be insane.  Who would do something like this?  It's still wildly strange, not necessarily attractive, but maybe that's what I've come to appreciate about it.  Gaga's goal isn't to drop jaws or make all the boys come running; her goal is to stand out and be original, as cliché as that sounds.  She makes these shocking and sudden alterations to her image to be a model for those who are too afraid to be themselves.  If this woman can boldly go onstage with sharp angles poking against the skin of her face, we can do much more.

4. Edible Arrangement

Another look that no one could shut up about the day after she walked the VMAs' Carpet.  The woman literally wore a butcher shop, with shoes to match.  This always makes me laugh; it's just so ridiculous.  Much like Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott, and the team of Vetements, she proves that fashion can and should have a sense of humor.  Sure, maybe she took it a bit further than these designers, but why not go all out?

3. Mami Monster

Gaga as a chola in her music video for the single "Judas," one of my favorite songs by her.  This look was so heartwarming for me because I grew up around girls that dressed like this and led extremely dramatic romantic lives--it's all I knew as a teenager, which is when this came out.  When done properly, I think the chola look can be tragically glamorous.  The skin tight pants, the studded jacket, the harsh makeup and shiny hair.  There's something confident and inspired about it.  As someone who's seen the chola brow up close and personal, Lady Gaga nailed it.

2. Minimalistic Sophistication

One of her cleanest and most simple looks, Lady Gaga is still absolutely breathtaking.  This was her look for the 2016 Golden Globes, where she won a Globe for her outstanding performance in AHS:Hotel.  Proof that while Lady Gaga clearly knows how to use hair, makeup, and costume to her advantage, she is just as beautiful without.

1. Gaga as "The Countess"

My absolute favorite look of hers.  Gaga played The Countess in AHS:Hotel; her chilling performance won her a Golden Globe.  What many people don't know is that Lady Gaga majored in theater when she was studying in New York; while she's a talented singer and performer, she is also phenomenal as an actress.  Usually I'm frustrated by celebrities who are cast in acting roles; they very rarely have any transferrable talent.  However, Lady Gaga was absolutely fantastic.  She was the only reason I watched the show (I'm not a regular fan), and I think she stole it. 

More Countess photos (because, for lack of a better word, she slayed):


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