Noteworthy Times Dance Influenced Couture

I grew up as a dancer and have always been completely enthralled by the beauty of it.  Everything about dance is gorgeous: the tight, simple ballet buns, the smooth, creamy tights, the form-fitting leotards, the thin and elegant slippers and jazz shoes.

The studio I attended required that all ballet students come to class with their hair in a tight bun, pink tights and black leotard, and pink ballet shoes (black shorts as an option for boys).  If a student wasn't dressed properly, he/she was sent home.  A lot of the students found this ruthless rule to be unnecessarily strict and outdated, but I relished it.  Nothing made me feel better than sliding on those tights and leotard, lacing up my ballet slippers, and standing up straight as a rod. 

Although ballet was my forte, there are so many different areas of dance that can make you feel beautiful beyond the movement and grace: the street-style of hip hop, the sexiness of jazz, the flowy elegance of contemporary--there is no doubt that the simple act of putting on your dance clothes makes you feel invincibly beautiful.  Here are a few times dance has inspired the fashion world with its gorgeous garments.

Lexi Boling by Nathaniel Goldberg for Vogue China Collections October 2015:
Vogue China Collections, Oct. 2015

Les Twins with model for Paris Vogue, 2014

Chanel Haute Couture in Vogue, year unknown.

British Vogue, year unknown.

Naomi and Christy in Versace.


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