The Best of So You Think You Can Dance

As a former dancer, I've always been a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance.  I've been watching for years, obsessing over the sassy, sexy, elegant exuberance of the top contestants.  My father and I have made it a summer tradition to record the entire season and then rewatch each dance over and over until we practically have it memorized ourselves.  He is also a former dancer, so we pay attention to the little details: pointed toes, turned out knees, ballet hands, the couple's chemistry, and overall presentation. 

We were pretty crushed to find out that this season is dedicated to youth dancers.  Where are the Twitchs, the Melanies, the Sashas, the Rickys?  Don't get me wrong, I've seen eleven-year-olds who can dance me right off the stage, but the whole reason I watch the show is to see fully evolved dancers that have ALREADY gone through puberty. 

To mourn the loss of a So You Think You Can Dance I actually want to sit through and vote for, here is a list of my all-time favorite dancers on the show (in no particular order):

1. Melanie Moore (contemporary, Season 8)

Melanie has legs that would plague any aspiring dancer with an uncontrollable envy.  She carries so much power in her lower body, yet she maintains a grace that can bring an audience to tears.  She's got a great stage face--a smile that outshines anyone she dances with.

2. Caitlynn Lawson (contemporary, Season 8)

Caitlynn was such a sweet dancer, all soft lines and shy elegance.  However, she stunned the crowd when she danced the Argentine tango with an all-star, one of the sexiest dances of the season.

3. Rickey Jaime (contemporary, Season 8)

All I can say about Rickey is legs, legs, legs.  The most beautiful, flexible, powerful legs I've ever seen.  I'm still jealous of him, and baffled that he didn't get farther in the competition.

4. Comfort Fedoke (breakdance/hip-hop, Season 4)

Comfort remains one of the sexiest dancers I've ever seen.  She's absolutely mesmerizing.  Every little movement she makes is defined--she cuts no corners.  She exudes strength and femininity in such a powerful way.

5. Tiffany Maher (Jazz, Season 9)

Tiny little firecracker.  She has such a bright personality when she dances, you can't help smiling along.

6. Aaron Turner (tap, Season 10)

I'm still in love with Aaron.  He has a heartbreaking smile and incredible attention-to-detail, a must for a tapper this talented.

These are just a few of my favorites over the years of SYTYCD, when it was actually a show to watch.  Leave a comment with some of your favorites! Let's reminisce. 


  1. I love Melanie and also Aaron. Season 8 may have been the best. I was looking forward to a "comeback" for the show after last year's stinker season... but, alas we're in who knows where? Could be curtains for the show... and should be curtains for some of those clueless judges. Here's hoping for next year. I mean the kids are cute, but really... who cares? Ah, parents, that's who.
    I'm not a curmudgeon, just a purist when it comes to presentation of an art form.


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