Thom Browne Resort 2017

If you read my post about Givenchy, you're familiar with the fact that I love playfulness in fashion--daring to pair items that wouldn't usually work and giving it your own flare.  This was such a wonderful collection.

Thom Browne is known for attention-to-detail: great structure and fit.  However, his collections in the past have never been this childlike (in the best way imaginable).  Each model totes a bag designed in the shape of something you might find in a nursery.  While these are all powerful pieces you could wear to the office, to the courtroom, to take over the damn world, they have an almost indiscernible accent of playground aesthetic.  Each article of clothing contains the slightest nod to childhood, which is something I believe we should carry in all of us. 

The colors remain soft and pastel--very pleasing to the eye.  I had fun just looking through it.  Thank you for the smiles, Thom Browne. 

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