Awareness Wednesday

Hey Guys,

Brainiacs from way back might recall the way I like my breakfast: with a side of chamomile tea and fashion/culture news websites, primarily and  Living in a new city means things change, but only marginally.  I still take my chamomile tea warm and with a little cinnamon, and I still can't start my day without my news sites.  The only difference is, I'm writing this blog post from the cafeteria at Chic Magazine while people around me grab a quick but delicious breakfast on their way to work.

Anyway, as most Brainiacs should know by now, I'm very involved in cultural politics--specifically that of identity.  This morning I've become aware of a Youtube music campaign that has recently been released.  The campaign features men and women of different genders, ethnicities, and orientations doing things that make them feel beautiful.  Things that may scare them to death, but things that they force themselves to do anyway and come out with a huge smile.

The videos include an Asian American boy flooded with the confidence to walk past a group of older, intimidating men with his head held high and a teenage boy struck with the bravery to dress up in women's clothing and dance around.  They include much more acts of daring SELFNESS, but I'll let the videos do the talking.

Here is "Alex's Theme," one of the many videos launched under the campaign title:

What are your thoughts?  Hate? Love?  Feel inspired?  Feel like the world is slowly working to actual ACCEPTANCE?  Let me know!



  1. I would have preferred the 2001 Laker NBA championship season clips.... but, I get the point. And I support this guy, although admittedly from a distance.


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