French Friday: Mica Arganaraz

Hey Brainiacs,

Good morning and happy Friday!  More particularly: Happy French Friday!  This week I've decided to get a dialogue going about Mica Arganaraz.  While Arganaraz is of Argentinean descent, she's a French favorite: she walks all the French couture shows, she is a constant in Paris Vogue, and she exudes the effortless French trademark sexiness that is only coveted by most women.  Arganaraz is represented by a smorgasbord of agencies and has been featured in countless articles, referred to as the "Model to Watch," "Model to Know," and one of the "People Shaping Global Fashion."  She towers at 5 ft. 10 with a 24-inch waist and startling, dark brown eyes to go with her shiny chestnut curls.  She's also a mere 2 years older than me...rendering me to feel like a 9-year-old boy with bad hair.  But good for Mica--we can't all be Argentinean goddesses; some of us have to write about them.

Here is a compilation of some of my favorite shots of her, done in French style.  Feel free to link some of your own in the comment section, or share your thoughts on her.  What do you like/dislike about her as a model?  Does her look work for you?  Why/why not?  Share with me! Let's have a conversation.  Also remember to check back in with the blog over the weekend--rumor has it the next installment of Fashion Girl Chronicles will be coming out!


Paris Vogue editorials:

Valentino Paris Haute Couture FW 16:

Atelier Versace Paris FW 16:

Christian Dior SS 15/16:


  1. Her look brings a certain sultriness to the clothes... As though they are highlighted by her, rather than the other way around. By the way, how tall are her legs?

    She's on the svelte side without sacrificing her femininity. It's a fine line to be slim and yet voluptuous.


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