French Friday: Vanessa Paradis

Hey Brainiacs and Happy French Friday!

What Frenchness is on your mind today?  Balmain?  Chanel?  Baguettes?  Hairy armpits?  Fries?  Whatever it may be, shut it down and focus on MINE: Vanessa Paradis.

A renowned actress/model, and perhaps even more renowned ex-girlfriend of Johnny Depp, she's talented, well-spoken, and absolutely breathtaking.  
She's a strong woman with delicate features and a wry expression that makes anyone crack a grin.  It doesn't even matter that I don't speak French.
Here are a few of my favorite Paradis pics, but feel free to share some of your own!

On that gorgeous note, Happy French Friday! Stay safe, stay cool, stay true to yourself!



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