A little heads up to my readers...over the course of the next five weeks, an anonymous fashion girl lucky enough to intern at Chic Magazine** in NYC is taking over the blog.  She will be posting under "Chronicles of a Fashion Girl," documenting her experience at the magazine and most importantly, in New York City.  The ups, the downs, the hilarity, the tragedy, the exhilaration, and the nonpareil that is New York!  This quick-witted and spunky women will take you through trendy coffee shops in the Village, overpriced designers trying to make it in in SoHo, cutthroat and brilliant divas in the magazine industry, tough-talking sweethearts in Harlem, and every girl's dream: the inevitable sexy man reading book on the subway.

If New York is a possibility for your future (and if you're interested in fashion, I can't imagine it NOT being a possibility), then please keep up with her posts for some sound advice and comical relief.

Taylor XOXO

***For anonymity purposes, the high fashion magazine Fashion Girl is working at will be named under the fictitious title of Chic Magazine, a name chosen entirely at random.


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