Humps Day

Hey Brainiacs (who likes my new nickname for my readers?),

In honor of today being Hump Day (congratulations! You made it!), I decided to write this post about my two favorite humps: BOOBS!  Specifically, what they come in: bras.

Something I find interesting is the evolution of the contraptions.  Bras, which came about well before any of us were around, used to be insane.  Have you ever seen a picture of one of the first bras from the 19th century?  They look like something straight out of Fifty Shades of Grey.  As time went on they became a little less intense, but it wasn't until recently that they resembled anything short of two large vegetable steamers connected in the front with a wire.

Bras, like almost anything else, have gone through many trends.  There was the pointy bra, the push-up bra, the cone, and all of Victoria's Secret's coveted models--if you went through high school without buying a Bombshell two sizes too big and stuffing it with toilet paper, you're lying.  However, I've noticed that lately less is more.

Most lingerie designers are gravitating towards thin, seamless, wireless undergarments.  Lace, sheer, barely there contraptions that are MUCH more comfortable and pose less of a strain on the woman (or man) wearing it.  Does this mean that in another twenty years, it will be the end of bras?  Will women finally be able to free the nipple without judgement, harassment, and any other flak?  What are your thoughts?  While you compose yourself (and think of an interesting comment to leave me), please enjoy the following photos of today's stress-free, fun, sexy lingerie that helps empower the female body and give her humps some room to breathe.



  1. I love this new style. Much more comfortable and still very sexy.


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