Model Monday: Cami Morrone

This week's Model Monday goes out to yet another Argentinean (can you tell I have a type?), Cami Morrone.  She's only 19, yet another model making me feel like a washed up dinosaur at 21 years of age, and was born in Buenos Aires.

Cami has done work for both Sports Illustrated and Pink, but she's quickly been making a name for herself in the fashion world--her workout routine was featured on a few months ago.

Not only is she fit, fashionable, and drop-dread gorgeous: she's making herself a brand.  She recently launched her own website, run by herself, called  The website has a collection of articles on fitness and health, beauty, food, traveling, and fashion.  Is she trying to compete with me?

Anyway, for those of you stuck with the belief that all models are brainless anorexics, Cami defies you all.  She's strong and fit with a healthy appetite and an intelligence and grace that shows through in both her writing and speaking.  Now please enjoy a few photos of this Monday's babe and feel free to chime in with opinion, as always.  Have a great Monday, kick this week's ass, and love yourself wildly and completely!


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