Snapchat: A New Platform for Women

The Hindustan Times, an Indian news channel, recently covered Snapchat's latest filter and it's creating a lot of dialogue.

As most of you already know, Snapchat filters have caused a lot of controversy: insensitivity to blackface, subliminal whitening of skin, etc.  However, this time the controversy sheds a positive light.  In honor of India's first Climb Against Sexual Abuse, Snapchat allowed women to post under a filter that distorted their images, giving them the chance to speak freely about sexual abuse.

Under this armor, women were able to confess the atrocities they've experienced that have been haunting them for what, if it isn't years, must feel like years.  Coming from a country where women are typically considered dishonest and untrustworthy, this filter gave a great sense of credibility, understanding, and community to women who have suffered.

With the start of campaigns like this, we can only hope that platforms for women to discuss their sexual abuse will become more and more available globally.  I dream that one day, women will not need to hide behind filters at all.  Perhaps through the use of these filters to feel comfortable to talk about what happened to them, these women will eventually feel safe enough to have open dialogue.  Rape culture has been prevalent since the beginning of time, and although rarely the aggressor, women always bear the shame.  It's so uplifting to see that social media is making an effort to end the abuse, and we can only hope it spreads like wildfire.

What are your thoughts on this Snapchat filter?  Is the controversy good in your opinion? Bad? Why or why not? Comment with your opinion--whether it rivals mine vehemently or is completely on par, I want to hear it!



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