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Hey Brainiacs,

Happy Hump Day!  Today's blog post is dedicated to wearability.  Ever seen a fashion show and thought to yourself, hmmm, interesting, but who in their right mind would actually wear that?  Today I'm showing you the top 5 (in no particular order) most flamboyantly ridiculous pieces of couture and/or ready-to-wear done by major designers; together we will decide: wearable, or unwearable?

1. Ronald van der Kemp, Fall 2016 Couture

Wearable or Unwearable?  
Taylor says: Unwearable.  This is insane!  Well done and I'm sure it took thousands of hours to compose, but for what purpose?  It looks like a 3-D Picasso painting, and not necessarily in a good way.  Fun to look at with interesting angles, but I can't imagine where this would be appropriate.  Not even to a grand ball.  How would you dance?  How do you even move the upper half of your torso?  What do you say to this?

2. Viktor & Rolf Fall 2016 Couture

Wearable or Unwearable?
Taylor says: Wearable!  Think I'm insane for saying so?  Maybe you're onto something.  Yes, it's wild, unpredictable, perhaps one could even say it looks as though a craft store threw up on an Abraham Lincoln impersonator, but this is what I love about fashion.  The craziness--the insanity that works for a select few and turns off so many others.  I can see myself darting onto the subway in this!  Performing a small gymnastics routine!  Taking a nap!  Lounging out by the pool!  Maybe not the last one.  But whatever I'm doing, I'm turning heads.  I think wearing this shows a sense of humor--not taking oneself or the trade too seriously.  Thoughts?

3. Miu Miu Resort 2017

Wearable or unwearable?
Taylor says: Wearable.  Again, I think this is hilarious and fun.  It's like bag-lady chic.  Yes you'd turn heads and perhaps not in a good way, but who cares?  Do you think all designers are just trying to make a woman look stereotypically sexy?  That would be a mysogynistic disaster and it's not what fashion is about.  Fashion is art, and this says being bright and fun-loving and silky soft is the way to do your vacation.  I agree.  Do you?

4. Faith Connexion Resort 2017

Wearable or Unwearable?
Taylor says: Unwearable, dear God no!  I'm one for free and innovative fashion without boundaries and stereotypes, but this just lacks style.  The sweater looks as though it was rummaged out of a garbage can and I'm sure it costs more than one month's rent.  It does not go with that ratty denim jacket/shorts/skirt/skort contraption which does not go with those tacky, flashy cowboy boots.  What happened here?  And what do you think about this?

5. Elie Saab Fall 2016 Couture

Wearable or Unwearable?
Taylor says: Wearable.  The cape is a risk.  A huge risk.  I don't think I've ever seen someone wear a cape well, but it's all in the confidence.  I don't think many people could make this work, as beautiful as it is, but if you wear it as powerfully as this model does and own that cape like you were born in it, why not?  Why shouldn't we all wear capes every day?  This is what I love about fashion.  Would you wear this cape?

That does it for Wearability Wednesday, but please, I want to hear from YOU!  Make a list 1-5: Wearable or Unwearable?  Why or why not?  I want to hear your opinion on this!  Until next time and keep your eyes peeled for the next Fashion Girl Chapter, set to release by the end of the week.



  1. 1. Unwearable; Did she have to wear this as punishment of some sort?
    2. Unwearable; A lazy designer did this, "just layer some different crap... they love layers."
    3. Unwearable; Arrest these people.
    4. Unwearable; the best part about this is how far this guy's ears stick out.
    5. Wearable; best of the lot... but wear it carefully and around gentle people.

    All in all, there is a reason fashion makes no more than a blip on my screen.... and four of those reasons are above. Back to the sports page.

  2. Numbers 1 through 4 I'd have to say I'm with ChameleonCop on these. Lol. And number 5 is wearable; I'd actually even wear the cape!

  3. #1: Unwearable unless you work in a Circus, or want to play a Jester in a Ren Fair.

    #2: Kinda evokes the 4th Doctor Who's costume, but without the tastefulness.

    #3: People in Japan might get away with wearing this thing, but it would just be too silly for anyone else.

    #4: Ugh....Just NO.

    #5: Seems to be the only reasonable design of the bunch.

    1. Haha! I love the commentary. And I definitely agree with your thoughts. Fashion can be so ridiculous. Isn't it fantastic?


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