5 Timeless Ways to Wear Denim

I don't know about you, but I've never been a fan of jeans.  Even as a kid/teenager, I never saw the appeal.  Sure, I had the required 5 identical pairs of Bullheads in my wardrobe, but I never fully grasped the concept.  To me, jeans are boring and predictable.  Pair them with a top and some tennis shoes?  How exciting.  However, I've always been a fan of denim--just not in the typical pant form.  Say goodbye to bootcut, skinny, or boyfriend, and take a chance on the following:

1. Patched denim jacket

I love a denim jacket, but even more exciting and fresh than the typical piece of outerwear is that same denim jacket covered with pins, patches, and embellishments.  It's a little kitschy, yes, and kind of a throwback to a simpler time when Bedazzlers were on everyone's Christmas wish list, but it's a fun look that doesn't take itself too seriously.

2. Denim culottes

I know what you're thinking: Aren't these jeans? NO.  They're culottes.  Culottes are breezy and fun to wear, and they always remind me of spring and sunshine.  They have an air of sophistication as well--pair your denim with a button up done all the way to the top, throw on a bold lip, and tie your hair in a tight bun and before you know it, you look quite French.

3. Denim wrap dress

We all had our own version of the atrocious denim button-down dress (with a sewn-in brown belt) at some point in our lives, but a fresh new take on the fashion scandal is this soft denim, light wash wrap.  The baggy sleeves give it femininity while the softness of the denim allows room for silhouette.

4. Denim maxi skirt

This is probably harder to get away with, but the contrast of the different shades of denim is funky and retro on this maxi skirt.  Paired with a simple, off the shoulder crop-top or a peasant blouse and this can be a gorgeous, 60s hippie look.  Again, the softness of the material allows for womanly curves and overall comfort.

5. Denim peplum

Finally, denim's take on the peplum.  This is a blouse meant to accentuate a woman's curves by perking up her breasts, cinching in her waist, and flaring out her hips.  The structure of the denim exaggerates these lines, making the wearer more confident and sexy than ever.

These are just a few ways to opt out of the jeans and wear denim in a fresh new way.  Do you have a particular denim innovation you practice?  Share share share!  Any opinion on these styles?  Any that you think just wouldn't work?  Anything you're in love with? Are you pulling out your credit card right now?



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