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As we all know, Sunday was the night of the annual Video Music Awards.  I can't say this enough: I genuinely don't care about the outcome of the VMAs, or basically any award show in general.  However, I DO care what people are wearing!  But who doesn't?  Whether you're willing to admit it or not, everyone pays attention to the red carpet.  Even weird old men at the gym will be discussing Lady Gaga's meat outfit from back in the day for probably the rest of their lives.  So let's all delve into our guilty pleasure together and discuss some of the best looks from Sunday's event.

1. Naomi Campbell

This woman has been bringing it since the 90's and Sunday was certainly no exception.  Dressed in Brandon Maxwell, a favorite of Lady Gaga, the soft, shell-like dress and deep ruby lips are the perfect complement to her chocolate skin and midnight hair.  This look makes me forget that she's rumored to be one of the biggest divas in the fashion industry.

2. Kim Kardashian West

As much as it pains me to say it, Kim really brought it (please ignore the annoying statue dressed in white standing directly behind her).  She's draped in vintage John Galliano and I've never seen her wear a dress so well before.  Typically I'm never a fan of any of her outfits, but this was a standout for a good way.

3. Taylor Hill

And not just because she's my namesake!  Victoria's Secret model Taylor Hill definitely turned heads in this Moschino gown. (Not that I was there to see her turn heads, but I can presume just fine).  Always a fan of Taylor and rarely a fan of Moschino, but together this look is stunning.  It's not too over the top, and the clean hairstyle and dramatic eyes are a beautiful touch.

4. Halsey

Another amazing look from Halsey in a Yousef Al-Jasmi jumpsuit.  Dark hair and makeup on top paired with an icy outfit makes for a glamorous, rock-n-roll sort of look.  While extremely minimal, the jumpsuit's embellishments make it sophisticated and edgy.  And oh my, look closely!  Seems as though someone was informed that Sunday was National Free the Nipple Day!  I bet she didn't get kicked out of the VMAs for that.  You go.

5. Desiigner

Summer anthem "Panda"'s rapper in Maison Margiela--not much is ballsier than this.  However, he has the confidence and swagger to make this look work.  I respect the fact that Desiigner decided to forgo a button-down and instead chose to drape his neck in ice.  A man in blush suit with banana wingtips?  This works.

6. Chloe and Halle

Sisters wearing sisters (Chloe and Halle in Rodarte).  I love this look--it has a Spanish influence, mixed with the Gothic romance Rodarte is known for.  For these young women, I can't imagine a better choice.  

7. Hailey Baldwin

Looks like Halsey wasn't the only woman to opt for a sheer jumpsuit--here's VS's Hailey Baldwin sporting a Georges Chakra invention and completely slaying the look, the main differences being Baldwin's midnight lingerie visible underneath, her thin, black hoops, and her tousled blonde lob.  Light on the top and dark on the bottom: the opposite of Halsey, and yet still banging in its own way.

8. Alessia Cara

And way to be the most unfashionable woman at the ball!  No, I'm kidding.  Although Alessia's look is anything but conventional red carpet-wear, I kind of dig it.  After all, fashion isn't about designer names and price tags--sometimes we forget it's really about confidence.  It's about how the clothes make you feel; it's about how the clothes represent who you are on the inside.  While Cara didn't stun the crowd (again, I'm assuming about this whole crowd scenario), she wore what she was most comfortable in and she looks happy and confident doing so.  Props to you, Alessia.  

And there you have it!  The best looks of this year's VMAs, in my humblest opinion.  Agree?  Disagree?  What to add to/remove from the list?  Leave a comment, don't be shy!

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  1. Just remove the "annoying statue dressed in white." I like everything else.


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