I'm Lazy: Is It Possible to Still Look Chic?

We've all experienced the great struggle: comfort vs. aesthetic.  Whether we're headed to the gym or trying to rally for a night out, we're constantly asking ourselves the burning question: Is it possible to have both?
It's difficult.
While it looks a whole lot cuter to show up at the gym in body-contouring LuluLemon gear that color coordinates, it's so much easier to throw on your ratty P.E. shirt from high school and call it a day.  And although "going out" at night tends to garner high heels, cat eyes, and short skirts that force us to suck. it. in., sometimes it's all too tempting to just throw on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and pretend you're on your period (the eternal loophole for looking like shit/acting like a psychopathic, murderous bitch/eating all of the chocolate, in the world, ever).  However, the introduction of athleisure and daytime boudoir makes it possible to have the best of both worlds!
Okay, so it isn't exactly an introduction: both ideas have been around for a while now.  However, I get the sense they're still so controversial and taboo to enough people that they aren't even considered options.  Well, consider the following:
You're about to catch a red-eye from New York to Seattle.  Long flight, possible layover, potentially (and probably) annoying neighbors on the plane ride.  The last thing you want to do is go through the process of getting ready, but you also don't want to waltz onto the plane with your outfit and appearance blaring: I'VE GIVEN UP.
The solution?  Daytime boudoir!

How cute is this slip by Free People?  For only $30 it can be yours: throw on, cover up with a loose, cozy cardigan for the chilly airplane, and kick off your shoes.  Comfortable and sexy.

But wait: another problem.  You've been invited out to have drinks at the Jane in the Village and you just know there are going to be potential babes there.  The only holdup?  You've been wearing sweatpants all day and you just don't feel like forcing your body into a bandaid dress or tight pair of skinnies, holding your breath with every step.  The solution: athleisure it up!

Check out Kendall Jenner rocking this look.  The simplest combination of black on black: a comfy long sleeve paired with jogger pants and some beige pointy-toes, tied together with a fun little bun atop her head.  Does she look amazing?  Yes.  Can she still eat nachos if she wants to without worrying about the judgmental tug of a waistline or fall asleep in the cab ride home with ease?  YES. Is she still probably going to get asked for her phone number incessantly?  I would think so.  (Rule out the fact that this may or may not have less to do with the look and more to do with the fact that she is Kendall Jenner).

Still think it's undoable?  Here are a few looks for you to consider before you say no to the idea:

For running errands

Cleaning around the house OR going to a fancy picnic

Quick gym sesh, then throw on the jeans and go party

Have I changed your mind?  I thought I would.  Until next time, Brainiacs!



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