InStyle Welcomes a New Editor-In-Chief

Congratulations to Laura Brown, former executive editor of Harper's Bazaar, who has now been named InStyle's newest editor-in-chief as of yesterday!

I had the pleasure of working in the same office as Laura all summer at Bazaar, and I know I'm not the first to say that she is one of the best people to work with.  Laura has a friendly, jovial, effervescent personality that she carries throughout the office.  I recall being in the fashion closet working with the other interns when suddenly, we'd hear a loud, uproarious, amazing laugh.  We'd look at each other, raise our eyebrows, giggle a bit, before one of us would knowingly mutter, "Laura's here."

What struck me most about Laura when we first met (in the bathroom, if you can believe that), is the fact that she remembered my name the next day.  It almost knocked me on my ass when she looked at me and said, "Hey, Taylor, right?" with her bright smile and Australian accent.  I remember thinking, What kind of executive editor can remember the name of an intern she bumped into in the restroom the day before?  She made me feel important, valued.  She called me her mate and I felt invincible.

Best of luck to you at your new post, Laura.  It is certainly well deserved.  InStyle has always been an informative, fashionable, lighthearted magazine, and I'm sure it will only improve under your editorship.  It was an honor to work with you for two months, and I'm jealous of your new coworkers for having that privilege every day now.



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