Millennial Memories

Happy Friday Brainiacs!

This morning's post is dedicated to the stuff of our childhood that will forever be apart of our cultural conscience as millennials.  Not a millennial?  Trust me, you'll still remember at least part of this list.

1. Lizzie McGuire: Where the Better Hillary Got Her Start

To this day, Lizzie McGuire is still a big part of my life.  I'm not ashamed to admit that every time I hear the name Hillary (which is about every other minute), I automatically think of Duff rather than Clinton.  Incidentally, I can't watch the rhythmic gymnastics competition in the Olympics without thinking of that one episode where Lizzie and Kate join the team, nor can I hear a Hispanic say gordo without thinking of Lizzie's longtime admirer.  Even when I wonder if I can get away with wearing the same dress one week after the next, Kate's words echo in my mind, "Lizzie McGuire is an outfit repeater!"

2. Even Stevens

Sure, Shia LaBeouf does some crazy shit now and no one really knows what's going on with the dude, but in my mind he'll always be the adorable little weirdo laughing at fart jokes with his friends and getting into it with Ren and Beans.  What a strange child Beans was.  Also, Ren taught me how to spell words and I can never repay her for it because where the hell is Christy Carlson Romano now?

3. Zoey 101

What a show.  I remember begging my mom to get a copy of a random key, any key, so that I could paint it like Zoey's and tie it around my neck.  Admit it, you did it too.  We also all wanted Chase and Zoey to get together and secretly had crushes on Logan that we'd never admit because he was such a little prick.  
Then, the appearances of Quinn and Lola, who both taught us in their own unique ways that it's okay to be yourself--true friends will still accept you.  Aww, thanks Nickelodeon.

4. Aaron Carter

Ugh, and who can forget this little babe?  Aaron Carter was the Justin Bieber of our generation (without the drunk-driving and least as far as we know).  And when Aaron guest-starred on Lizzie McGuire and they sort of fell for each other?  I think I fainted out of satisfaction.

5. Britney Spears: Our Queen

Last but CERTAINLY not least, who can forget the reigning queen of our time?  Jamie-Lynn was cute on her show and everything, but no Spears could do it quite like Brit.  Who else is a die-hard fan who stuck by her side through it all, bald/umbrella phase included?  As young girls we cut our hair like her, dressed like her, watched all of her videos and danced along obsessively.  Britney Spears was like a god to me...and maybe sort of always will be.  Hey, I've got no shame.

Does seeing these memories spark something in you?  Any leftover resentment towards Chase for never confessing his love to Zoey?  Residual anger towards Aaron for taking such a long break from the spotlight?  Or better yet, do you have more memories to share?  I certainly left out quite a few.  Leave a comment with your thoughts!  In the meantime, here's more pictures of Britney to brighten up your day.



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