Model Monday: Aya Jones

Her face is in the shape of a heart, making you think of love, nurture, and goodness every time your eyes glance in her direction.  She has the dark, plush lips that anyone, male, female, gay, straight, would be overcome with the urge to reach out and touch.  She's full of limbs yet strong; her skin is dark and warm, luminescent with a hint of burgundy present under the surface.  Are you in love?

Standing at 5 foot 10 with a sweetheart face and eyes that resemble something you're given as a free sample at See's Candies, French-born Aya Jones has the pleasure of being this week's Model Monday!

At the young age of 21 (what am I doing with my life?), Jones has walked all the biggest shows for the major players: Valentino, Chanel, and Dior, to name a few.  In addition to being a runway model, she is one of the faces of Prada.

She is constantly found in the pages of Vogue, Elle, i-D, and more, making her virtually impossible to miss if you're a follower of fashion.  Because of how mesmerizing her face is, most of her shots are close-ups, which makes her unique as a model.

Jones possesses the talent of bringing a sweet, vulnerable innocence to every look, whether it be sex, danger, prep, or eccentricity.  However, don't be fooled--she's an independent woman who has forged a path in the fashion world that would be nearly impossible to follow.

As always, have an amazing week and enjoy some photos of Aya Jones for your Monday!



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