Model Monday: Marjan Jonkman

Hello Brainiacs and Happy Model Monday!  For this week, I've decided to feature a hauntingly beautiful Dutchie who goes by the name Marjan Jonkman.

Marjan came onto the scene in 2014 and made a name for herself rather quickly, walking all the major shows during fashion weeks and making a great impression in the industry with her sultry pout, her furious gait, and her lanky, sharp limbs.

With her choppy platinum cut and her sunken cheekbones, she is a favorite of Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Versace.  She has also been featured in countless editorial stories in major magazines such as Vogue, Allure, and Elle (both American and European prints).

Jonkman towers at 5 foot 10 and pierces through you with cold, striking blue eyes, but the most significant thing about her look is how malleable it is.  Google a photo of her from two years ago and it genuinely doesn't look like the same woman:

Most people make the mistake of thinking modeling is only for gorgeous bombshells; that's not necessarily true.  You don't need to be beautiful to be a model--you need to be interesting.  You need to have an adaptability to your look, a generally plain face that can go either way.  Marjan definitely has the ability to be anything required.  Enjoy more pictures of this beauty and leave a comment with your opinion!  Do you like her look?  Why or why not?  Have a wonderful week and stay happy!



  1. Great model. So many interesting looks. She needs to stand up straight when not wearing much on top. Anyway, it makes you think about the talent that it takes to SELECT the next model and to visualize what you can do with their essence in terms of photo-art and fashion.


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