Model Monday: Sofia Richie

I must admit, I took this cue from Vogue: Nicole Richie's little sister is Justin Bieber's rumored girlfriend, an Instagram superstar, and fashion's next supermodel.

While Nicole has always been known for the classic early-2000's perfect mix of scandalous and glamorous (with a fair amount of sequins), Sofia gravitates towards a high-to-low aesthetic: a grungy pair of Moschino pants with a faded denim jacket and Chanel handbag.

She's got a sassy confidence to her look.  No, she's not a stereotypical model--I don't really see her gravitating towards runway work, but she can definitely own a brand and make it her own, much like the Kardashian/Jenners have done with Balmain.

She's already been approached to be the face of Material Girl, which she's doing in a fresh, adorable, lighthearted way.

What do you think of Sofia?  How does she compare to her peers?  To her sister Nicole?  Are you jealous that she's most likely dating Bieber?  Don't worry, I'm sure you'll have your turn with him.

As always, have an amazing week and don't let the Monday blues get you down!



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