Altuzarra SS 2017

Hi Again Brainiacs,

I know, I know, I should really shut up and focus on my homework, but I can't help getting excited about Joseph Altuzarra's show.  I saw it last night and told myself I'd put off writing about it, but I took another peek this morning and I just can't help it.  This fellow former ballerina wows me every season, and this is no different from any other!

Joseph Altuzarra excites me so much because of an article I read about him in Vogue a few years back that I've never quite forgotten.  In the article, I learned that he launched his first and only brand, Altuzarra, in 2008, which has clearly been a success.  He is smart, driven, and dedicated to his craft.  He was raised in France and did ballet in his childhood--apparently that's enough to win me over.  It doesn't hurt that he's dangerously handsome and I haven't been able to confirm that he's gay yet, making him a male designer I can actually least in my imagination (please don't tell my twelve-year-old self about Marc Jacobs' sexuality; she's not ready to hear it yet).

Without further ado (or pointless yammering on my part), here are the standouts of this show: a collection that, as usual, glorifies femininity, the body, and sexuality in a sophisticated, strong manner:

Look 3:

Slicked-back hair has not seen its end on the runway, and I'm not complaining.  The black strappy heels and dangling earrings wonderfully complement the wild pattern of the coat and the traces of the dress we're allowed to see.  An overall titillating look.

Look 6:

We've seen a fair amount of gingham so far this season, which in the right dosage has proven itself to work well.  Here, with the tiny red flair and python pattern, well done.

Look 7:

Altuzarra prides himself in the way he can cut a dress to perfectly tailor the contours of a woman, which he boasts in this dress.

Look 11:

Patterns that shouldn't work together, yet do.

Look 12:


Look 18:

I'm in love with the vibrant colors, and this skirt reminds me of passionfruit.

Look 19:

The gingham is back, but this time rather than being frumpy and distracting, we are distracted from it by the cinched waist, flash of lace, slick hair, strappy sandals, and dangling earrings.  Perfectly executed.

Look 21:

Woah! 1980s working girl that actually WORKS.

Look 30:

The studded belt and dark theme of this outfit brings the frilliness back to reality (along with Binx's mean mug).

Thank you Joseph, you smoldering babe!


(What are your favorites?)


  1. That was an excellent showing. He hit a home run in almost every shot, including the very nice coat to begin the series. His designs though seem as though they are limited to slender people. Look 18 was a gas; look look 11 was very cute and stylish. He's very in your face with his colors, you could almost feel his colors as you addressed the outfit. Interesting.


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