Brock Collection SS 17

Good Afternoon Brainiacs,

I almost opted out of writing about this collection because it just wasn't grabbing me, but upon further inspection I realized the minimalism of Brock Collection can be rewarding.  The models look as though they are ready to inhabit their second house in the Hamptons, and they are brilliantly dressed the part.  The collection gradually morphs into evening-wear before settling into a funkier vibe than you could have seen coming.  My favorites below:

Look 8:
Simple, comfortable, minimal, and yet achingly chic.

Look 18:
A little preppy, but I'm liking it.  The bold hairstyle interrupts the cleanliness of the look, giving it a proper balance.

Look 19:
Proof that the slip dress hasn't left us quite yet.

Entire collection can be found here:
Pick out your favorites!  Make fun of your least favorites!  Comment comment comment.



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