Carolina Herrera SS 2017

Hey there Brainiacs,

Historically, Carolina Herrera has always been kind of a hit or miss for me.  In the past, I've found her collections to be a bit too formal, too bourgeois for my taste.  However, this spring/summer collection was a definite hit.  Although some pieces remained a little too stiff/over-the-top (in my opinion), the majority of the show blew my mind.  Here are some of the standouts:

Look 1:

Yes, extravagant right off the bat with the first look, but it's tamed with the denim fabric of the gown and the model's slicked-back hair and dark eye makeup.  I've seen designers attempt the denim gown in the past; so far, Herrera is the first to nail it.

Look 4:

The dramatic contrast between the tapered bomber sleeves and the flowing button down provide for eye-catching angles, not to be forsaken at the hemline of the skirt.

Look 5:

Another way that denim tames down an otherwise over-the-top look.

Look 12:

Pinstripes are always in fashion, and I love the knots that allow the stripes to run at different angles.

Look 26:

Startlingly simple, yet brought to life with the wingtips.

Look 27:

This look flirts with being too stiff, but the retro rectangular belt and muted shade of the blouse salvage it.

Look 30:

Again, a simple, everyday jumpsuit-cut on the top and ballgown on the bottom.  It's like the mullet of fashion.

Look 33:

Where would I wear this?  Who cares!  This gown is completely arresting.

Find the full collection and pick out YOUR favorites (God forbid they're different from mine) right here:



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