Creatures of the Wind SS 17

Yet another consistent favorite of mine is Creatures of the Wind, whose show went on earlier today (how I wish I was in New York).  For this season, designers Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters went with a 70s/mod/preppy aesthetic--casual, yet classily put together all the same.  Here are a few of my favorite looks:

Look 3:

It seems as though the wrapped layered skirt is going to be a major trend on the runway this season--it's already been seen on Vetements runway.

Look 11:

I'm not in love with these particular shoes paired with the coat, but I love the pieces as individuals.

Look 16:

Someone tell Kanye THAT'S how you do skin-tone!  You go!

Look 21:

Mia Wallace if Mia Wallace knew how to dress better.  I love the color of this dress and the shoes work wonderfully, giving it texture.

Overall beautiful collection.  And which are your favorites?  Find the full collection here: and leave me a comment!



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