Jacquemus SS 2017

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It's already Wednesday in Paris, France and Simon Porte Jacquemus has sent his collection down a staircase.  Jacques' no-frills brand recently celebrated its seventh birthday, but you wouldn't know from looking at it.  This is a brand with an established personality: the Jacquemus woman is chic, elegant, smart, and above all, Parisian.  

Jacquemus tends to stick to minimalism in his designs; his lines have historically been based in white, red, blue, and black, and this season is no exception.  He told Harper's Bazaar in 2013, "I'm not trying to create 'designer clothes.'  I just do whatever I want."  This frame of mind doesn't work for everyone, but so far, Jacquemus is pulling it off.

This season's show was a simple yet stunning production; models were sent down a leveled, dark wood runway with a single, circular cluster of bare lightbulbs against the backdrop to provide a path.  

The collection, although simplistic, was largely asymmetrical and disproportionate in sizing, another tendency of Jacquemus design aesthetic.  The clothing also drew reference to 19th century Paris, as well as classic Eastern Asia.  Take a look at some of the most arresting ensembles:

Look 2:

Look 11:

Look 12:

Look 13:

Look 16:

Look 20:

Look 23:

Look 24:

Look 25:

Look 29:


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