Marchesa Dreamland

Hi Brainiacs,

There is no better way to describe Marchesa's Spring/Summer 2017 line than to say the models were floating on a cloud of cotton candy and dreams.  Whether it be ready-to-wear or couture, Marchesa always brings the element of fantasy, wonder, ethereal beauty.  These gowns left me speechless, which isn't an easy feat.  Here are some of the most intricately breathtaking, in my opinion, but I encourage you to visit the link at the bottom of the post to check out the entire collection; it will make your day:

Look 2:

Look 3:

Look 4:

Look 7:

Look 31:

Look 32:

Look 33:

Look 34:

Can you possibly think of a better way to close a show than with this look?  I bet you could have heard a pin drop.  Follow the link for the entire collection:



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