Moschino SS 2017

Hi Brainiacs,

Whether you're a fan or not, I think we can all admit that Jeremy Scott is owed a great deal of respect for his constant stream of creativity and rule breaking.  Many find both Moschino and his namesake line to be too much, cartoonish, garish, ridiculous.  Well, you wouldn't exactly be unjustified in that opinion.  Jeremy isn't exactly known for coloring inside the lines.  However, even if you think the clothes are hideous, even the most cynical viewer has to admit that his runway shows always bring it.  

This year was no different as Scott sent his models, amongst them Stella Maxwell and the Hadid sisters, down the runway dressed in sexy, colorful, cartoonish ensembles tailored to resemble the cut-out dolls we used to play with in our childhood.  Yes, Scott has found a way to fuse a fond memory of the past with the fashion of the future.  I doubt there was a woman in the audience who didn't shed a tear of joy for her inner girl.  Take a look for yourself:

It's a wild concept, but I absolutely adored the show.  Here's the biggest question: Who will actually dare to go out and buy one of these pieces come spring?  It will be interesting to witness.



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