Roksanda SS 2017

Hey Brainiacs,

As I'm sure most of you know, we've now picked up Fashion Week and moved across the pond with it.  Although New York is king, the center of the world (at least my world), I've always found London Fashion Week to be the most exciting.  New York is quick, impatient, a 10-day staccato of dark glamour.  Paris is chic, sophisticated, everyone's idea of a perfectly put-together woman (with a flawless chignon).  Milan is sexy, sexy, and more sexy.  However, there's something about London that is just so incredibly endearing to me.  The street style is so unmistakably British: women with little makeup and an affinity for menswear, managing to make an oversized blazer paired with sneakers look effortlessly fashionable.  The clothes are eccentric, the shows are bold and all-encompassing, and no Fashion Week in the world has more female designers represented in the line-up.

This year has been wild as ever with a cheerful, fruit-shaped show from Charlotte Olympia, a deconstructed masterpiece from Phoebe English, and gorgeous gowns at Peter Pilotto, but a show that has really stood out to me thus far is Roksanda.

The pieces started out minimal and simple and grew more intricate as the show went on.  It had geometric, even Asian influences in the designs and a sensualness almost indiscernible to the eye.  Here are my favorites:

Look 4:

While simple, this dress is rich in color and tailored to perfection.

Look 6:

It's the different shades of oranges that transforms this look from prisoner to cocktail partygoer.

Look 10:

Such a clean innocence to this entire look; it's almost French.

Look 12:

The statement overcoat and bright belt makes this otherwise drab jumpsuit come to life.

Look 18:

Easy to wear, beautiful to look at.

Look 24:

This is a great use of lines.

Those are my favorites; which are yours?



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