The Eclectic

Hey Brainiacs,

No matter how old we get, we're always learning more about ourselves.  I've recently come into the realization that I have a tendency to like anything eclectic or out of the ordinary.

In my younger years this is something I resisted; let's face it, when we're going through that horribly traumatic phase of acne, hot Cheetos, and learning how to shave our legs without nicking ourselves, it's easy to lose your sense of identity.  You're too busy buying the latest pair of skinny jeans, damn it.  Anyway, I've embraced the inevitable: I like weirdness.  I like anything offbeat, off-color, unlikely, even a little startling.  I must sound like a Victorian-era woman gently attempting to describe pornography.  Allow me to elaborate:

As I've been perusing the collections from Fashion Month, I've seen the same shows that the rest of the fashion world sees, and I know which ones are supposed to stand out for me, but instead I choose to talk about the shows that really do.  These shows tend to be less talked about, but more daring.  Everyone is expecting a knockout show from Dries van Noten, and that's what we get, but who's expecting crazy lines from Yang Li?  Who even knows who Yang Li is?  In honor of those of us who embrace weirdness and eccentricity in all shapes and forms, here is a list of some of my most interesting likes.  Maybe you'll share a few and we can talk about it in a weird little bubble:

1. Bleached eyebrows

Yeah, Kim K kind of brought this one into the mainstream, but I still think bleached eyebrows are weirdly amazing.  They definitely don't fit into any conventional beauty standards, but there's something so haunting about them.  It sort of forces eye contact, which most people are so terrified of.

2. Maximalism

Otherwise known as "bag-lady chic," maximalism is the combination of, what appears to be, everything in your closet.  This isn't sexy, and it rarely works, but when it does, it's pretty fantastic.

3. Menswear

This also isn't conventionally "feminine" or "sexy," by society's standards, but I find it badass when a woman can rock a good pair of trousers and wingtips.

These are just a few of my strange preferences.  Do you have any to add to the list?  Leave a comment.




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