The King of New York (Fashion Week)

Good Morning Brainiacs,

Who else caught the close of New York Fashion Week last night?  In case you're in the dark, here's what happened:

As has been tradition for years now, it was closed by our very own Marc Jacobs, arguably the best designer that has ever lived.  Marc Jacobs' shows are never just a display of garments: they tell a story, a deep narrative that carries the entire fashion world through the season.  While themes come and go for other designers, Marc Jacobs' show is something that lives with us for months and is constantly referred to in magazines, websites, blogs, and other designers.

This season was a dramatic turn from Jacobs' Fall/Winter 2016 line, which featured dark, Tim Burton-esque witchy goddesses down the runway, just as the Spring/Summer line of 2016 was an invitation-only circus.  For Spring/Summer 2017, Jacobs opted to bring a rave to the runway--models with candy-colored dreadlocks piled atop their heads, massive platform boots, and metallic colors.  Hot pants, sheer dresses, and colorful hoodies were a constant in this mind-blowing presentation--a melding of carefree raver aesthetic and utilitarian casualness.  But I'll let the looks speak for themselves:

Look 2:

Look 3:

Look 4:

Look 8:

Look 10:

Look 11:

Look 18:

Look 20:

Look 22:

Look 26:

Look 29:

Look 45:

Look 47:

Look 50:

Look 51:

Look 52:

See the full collection here and pick your favorites:



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