Vetements SS 2017

Hey Brainiacs,

Well, Fashion Week is here!  Can't you just feel the intensity radiating across the nation right here to our little corner in SoCal?  No?  Yeah, me neither.  But that doesn't stop me from being thrilled at the prospect!

Quite a few shows have gone on so far (can we just pretend Yeezy didn't happen), but my favorite yet is definitely Vetements--Demna Gvasalia may shock, may alarm, may break every rule you thought existed, but one thing he never does is disappoint.

You may think he'd be too busy heading Balenciaga to worry about his baby Vetements anymore, but his spring/summer collection shows that he's done anything but.  While a bit tamer than we are used to from the playful, little sibling brand, the collection featured ready-to-work styles of garment--but wait, look a little closer.  Each outfit, as tame as it may appear at first glance, has a little Vetements flare that makes it unmistakably the brand.  Here are some of my favorite looks of the season:

Look 2:

It's worth noting that Vetements was one of the first brands to go gender neutral on the runway: men wearing women's clothing, women wearing men's clothing, we're all just people, who the hell cares.  The blue ballet slippers, shortened slacks, and slouchy shirt and jacket are exactly the subtle Vetement indications I'm talking about.

Look 6:

There's that pop of blue again.

Look 10:

I love the basic aesthetic of each piece with the startling appearance of the plaid inset and the purple boots.

Look 27:

Don't anybody tell her she's not WORKING this!  I love the Emerald City green peering out at us from behind the massive, formless while vest.

Look 39:

Because sheer is always in.

So there you have it; my favorite looks of the season.  I love this brand--founded on the idea that fashion doesn't have to be so serious all the time.  We can mix and match, we can play around, we can find ourselves in any piece, no matter what.  What are some of your favorites of the show?  Or did you hate every single thing about this?  Leave a comment!  Find the full show at the below link:



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