7 Times Fashion Was In The Rain

Hi Brainiacs,

It's a joyous day in Southern California, simply because of the fact that it's actually raining.  You know you're in a drought when the local news station does an entire segment on the light misting we're experiencing.  However, it's much better than the usual sunny hell we live in.

If you're like me and this is your favorite weather, then you must be having a fantastic day already!  If you're like most Southern Californians and you hate this and you're terrified and you're hiding under a blanket and you never want to leave your house again and you're on the verge of tears, can you keep it to yourselves so the rest of us can enjoy it before it shoots back up to desert hell on earth temperatures?

Anyway, I figured for a special rainy day post, I'd feature some classic shots of fashion taking things outside to a beautiful rainy day.  A combination of two of my favorite things: an angular model with a timelessly chic look and a gloomy day with black clouds and slick streets.  Here are seven times fashion looked better in the rain:

1. Quintessentially British

Because what screams England more than Cara Delevigne, plaid, and dark weather?  Shot for Avenue Magazine.

2. Only Versace

She'll probably get hypothermia, but she'll look sexy doing it.  This photograph makes sense because it represents Versace, the notoriously scantily clad, over-the-top Italian luxury brand.  I love the contrast between light and dark and the shiny streets.

3. A Bright Rain

Because who said all rainy days had to be dark and gloomy?  Here, photographer David Burton captures the light in an otherwise colorless weather.  The expressiveness of the model adds even more to her vibrant outfit and the colors of the life happening behind her as she darts across the street.

4. The Girl Stands Out

Similar to the last photo, except here the model is the focus of the picture.  The background isn't exactly dark, but it's dull enough to not really be captivating.  Instead, our eyes go straight to the rich colors of the model's outfit, complexion, and eyes.

5. Jump!

A much older shot, but still beautiful and simple.  I can't help wondering if she actually made it or if the photographer got the shot and then she fell to her soggy demise while the male model straightened out his tie and walked next door to get a sandwich. Who knows.

6. Woman In A Tree

This is a classic shot for Vogue by David Bailey.  The model looks so tragic, so unconcerned, so effortlessly chic.  It's so simple and beautiful.

7. Power Stance

Finally, this is a shot done for Korean Vogue.  I'm obsessed with this shot.  While it's sharp and bright in contrast, it also seems like a little of the color was sucked away to leave us with a rigid, raw shot.  The model, looking straight at the camera and holding her umbrella with both arms, has such a distinguished look of power I almost want to faint.  That with her rain-kissed hair, intricately tailored dress, and bold lip color is just making this a winner.

What do you think of these shots?  Have any of your own you'd like to share?  Leave a comment!  Or, you can just comment telling me the following: What's your favorite thing to do with a rainy day? (Besides reading my flawless posts).




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