How to Use SS 17 for Your Halloween Costume

Hey Brainiacs,

Can you believe it's already October 4?  Finally, people can stop calling me crazy for anticipating Halloween costumes and parties--it's like three weeks away!  And isn't that always the way it goes?  Halloween seems like a distant, magical dream and then all of a sudden, it's in 3 days and all you have is a ripped pair of panty hose and some bent bunny ears from the year before.  Depressing.  With that in mind, it's time to be prepared and start thinking COSTUMES.

This is when all of those crazy designers (think Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, Gareth Pugh) come in handy.  All of those looks that were sent down the runway that you thought to yourself: who in their right mind would wear that?  Well, this is the one night you CAN!  Channel your inner fashion goddess and use these insane looks to embody the character of your dreams (or nightmares):

1. Cher (Chanel) Horowitz

The diva of the 90s who will live forever! What better than the tweed of Chanel to perfect this look? Classic, fabulous, and extremely fashion forward (even in 2016).  Want to update the look because no one gets Clueless anymore? (Sigh). Channel your inner Chanel Oberlin of Scream Queens--same requirements, different results.

2. A Jackson Pollock Painting

Who says you can't go as an inanimate object?  Don this colorful look (also from Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel) and say you're a rare, never-released canvas from the tortured artist himself.

3. A citizen of Divergent's Abnegation Faction

Is it just me, or does this Sonia Rykiel look scream the humble, don't-look-in-a-mirror philosophy of Abnegation, the faction that Tess of Divergent was born into?  A culture of people who put others' happiness before their, I don't really get that either, but for one night out of the year, it can be pulled off.

4. A pinecone

Once again, sometimes it's more fun to embody an object rather than an actual character.  We have to be people every single day, after all.  Why not give it a rest?  Not that you can rest very easily in this Junya Watanabe look, but you make a pretty kick ass pinecone from the future.

5. The One with Rachel's New Dress

Who else remembers this episode from Friends--where Rachel dons her newest lingerie for a date night with beau Jonathan, only to be ambushed by dinner with his parents.  What else can she do but pretend that this is the new way the French are wearing it?  Today, this isn't so far from the truth.  Embrace your Rachel Green with this La Perla masterpiece! And stay away from pervs.

6. Cut-Out Doll

For this one, Jeremy Scott did all the work for us by working the "costume" element into his collection.  Throw on any of the pieces from his Moschino SS 2017 line and throw it back to every young girl's favorite pastime: cutting out pieces of paper in the shape of dolls!! What a time to be alive.

7. Raver Girl

And finally, a man who has also done it for us: Marc Jacobs.  Throw your pastel dreadlocks up on top of your head and dance the night away in one of his looks.  Thank you Marc, for bringing the party to us.

What do you think--good ideas? Terrible? Got some better of your own? Let me know! In the meantime, don't stop brainstorming costumes.  You don't want to be stuck the day of with nothing to wear but a ratty old Jack-O-Lantern T-shirt from Target.




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