Model Monday: Stella Maxwell

Hi Brainiacs,

Happy Model Monday! Most of you may recognize this one simply from her name-drop in G-Eazy's rhyme, but she's so much more than a model sitting next to a rapper.  STELLA MAXWELL, everyone.

Maxwell is a runway veteran, making her first appearance on the catwalk in 2009.  However, she has only recently been a household name since her appointment as a Victoria's Secret Angel in 2015.

She is ranked amongst Angels like Jasmine, Romee, Elsa, and Taylor who appear not only in VS campaigns but on all of the highest ranking runways during Fashion Month.  She has also been featured in numerous magazine editorial fashion spreads.

Maxwell is known for her doe-eyed, youthful look that can turn sultry and intimidating with the blink of an eye.  She's extremely versatile, a must to be a successful model/mannequin.  Maxwell is of Irish descent but raised in Belgium, Australia, and New Zealand (I'm a little jealous).  She now splits her time between LA and NYC, so hang outside of enough celebrity kickboxing/cardio studios and you might get to see her.  Just don't be too creepy about it.

Like Stella? Hate Stella? Tell me why/why not.  Enjoy your Monday!



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