Favorite Things About The Holidays

Hi Brainiacs,

With the passage of Halloween and the beginnings of chill in the usually unbearable heat and sun of California, it's exciting to start thinking about the holidays.  For me, this is the best time of the year.  Not because of family and presents and food and all that crap (although that's pretty great on its own), but because the sun finally goes away for a little while, gloominess takes precedence, and I finally feel ALIVE.

Who else feels like an angel of death forced to be disguised as a Southern California native?  Year round I have to listen to, "We have the best weather in the world," and "It's the perfect day for the beach," and "My gardenias are really in bloom."  Don't make me vomit.  I like to be enveloped in a cocoon of gray: sleeting rain, thick, threatening clouds, and CATS.  Cats running all over the place, tormenting everyone with their viciousness.  Oh yeah.

Maybe this post is ridiculous.  It's quite certainly almost pointless, but I wanted to share my joy for the upcoming cold weather.  This time of year is when I feel most inspired.  I write my best, I feel my most awake, I'm my most cheerful self (which, believe me, never is very much), and I am the most fashionable.  Weather and environment makes a difference in one's wellbeing, and this happens to fuel mine.  It's a good thing I'm moving soon, since we get about 6 minutes of winter here.

What about you? What's your favorite season or holiday and why?  Do you agree with me? Do you HATE me? Let's talk about it!




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