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Hey Guys,

An avid reader of Taylor's Brain is well aware that I like to push the envelope.  I like to discuss current events/changes in the media and in our culture that provoke discussion.  I like people to disagree, to argue, I like to see everyone's point of view.  However, with this shit-storm of an election, I've had about enough argumentation and debate to last me through the New Year.  I sort of just want to lay down on a plush couch with a glass full of egg nog and stare at the pretty colors.

That being said, I figured this was the perfect time to talk about my holiday outfit wish list!  We all have one, don't try to deny it.  Every year we tell ourselves we don't need a new outfit, we need to pay our bills, fill our tanks with gas, donate to charity, whatever...and then the mall ambushes you with their glittery and festive holiday dresses and your AmEx just won't say no.

I tend to gravitate towards all things glittery.  For months November-January, I prefer to be a walking disco ball.  So, here are some of my top choices when it comes to the holiday dresses of the moment (and this year, they really brought it):

1. Shimmer Mini Dress

(Urban Outfitters)

Even the background of this shot makes me think of winter and Christmas lights.  This dress is absolutely stunning; anyone wearing it is bound to light up the room.  Personally I'd pass on the lace choker--the dress speaks enough for itself.  Pair it with a pair of ultra-sheer black tights and either some little black Mary Janes or black pumps. Glittery earrings are a must.

2. Crushed Velvet Strapless

(Urban Outfitters)

Another winner from UO.  This one is so sexy, I believe it would give confidence to anyone who puts it on.  So maybe don't wear it to your family party.  However, going to a really elite countdown party on December 31?  Here is your dress.  Hair should be half up, half down with loose curls grazing your black.  Strappy, barely there heels like the ones pictured are ideal.  No jewelry; let the dress have its moment.

3. Sequined Jumpsuit

(Dress the Population)

WHAT!!! Own the night.  No one else will be at the party as far as you're concerned.  There is literally one time of year that this jumpsuit is acceptable, and now is the time.  Embrace your inner disco ball and freak your uncle out at the Christmas Eve party.

4. Bedazzled


I saved the best round of dresses for last because, well, no one does it better than Topshop.  (I mean, okay, obviously top designers do it MUCH better than Topshop, but when you work at a grocery store and you're a college know).  This dress stood out to me for the simple reason that it's completely derivative of Marc Jacobs' latest collection, which is both frustrating for high fashion and exciting for young women on a cruel budget.  Spaced out fishnets and black patent pumps!

5. Chain and Velvet


Everyone loves a good combination of chain and velvet.  Or maybe that's just me.  Whatever, this is my blog.  Anyway, this dress is so simple yet so beautiful.  It's sort of the velvet version of what Kendall wore to her birthday (do you understand the reference?  Are you keeping up on your daily fashion? If not, shame on you).  Hair should be worn down and long, although a pixie cut would break necks in this dress as well.  Simple heels and bare legs, no jewelry.  

Finally, Let Me Have My Dream...

From Dior's Haute Couture Autumn/Winter collection.  Obviously this dress isn't even in a realm of possibility, but imagine me flaunting into a party dressed in this gem?  A girl can dream.  Until then, I'll be the shiny little number dressed in Brandy Melville and asking for the tofurkey.



(What are some of your dream looks for the holidays?  Feel inspired by some of mine? Want to steal them? Do it! But leave a comment so I can properly berate you).


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