How to Still Be Stylish In a Uniform

This is a conflict I've been trying to remedy since I was 17.  Unfortunately, I've yet to have a job where I don't wear a drab uniform; in fact, I've recently picked up a SECOND job which, surprise, requires a uniform as well.  It's difficult to feel like yourself when a balding man in his forties slangs a boys' L your way and tells you to put it on over a pair of Dickies, but there are a few tricks I've picked up to still make the Boy Scouts of America look my own.

1. Have fun with your hair!

Maybe you can't fully embody the Gwen aesthetic, but you can still have a good time.  I always try to wear my hair in an unruly bun, a sleek series of braids, or another creative undo of some sort.  If you have a job where it's practically pointless to curl or straighten your hair because you know it's just going to get messed up, sometimes it's easier to go crazy with the bobby pins and hairspray.  Brighten up your own day.

2. Get your nails done.

Don't keep them looking like crap!  Take care of your nails.  Sometimes when it's slow at work and I don't have much to do, I find comfort in admiring my hands.  Strange, but it helps.

3. Put on a cute pair of shoes.

Again, this may not be possible if you work at a job that requires you to wear hideous black sneakers or something, but if you have a little freedom in your footwear,  choose a pair that best suits you and your personality!  One of my jobs makes me wear hideous sneakers and I hate it, but my other job allows me to wear what I like and I have so much fun every day picking out the best pair to go with the rest of my outfit.  It's the little things.

Following these simple steps can help you have a better day at work.  It gives you confidence, makes you feel like yourself, and quite simply just brings a smile to your face!  Give it a shot; who knows, maybe you'll get through the day without wanting to cry.




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