5 Fashion Inspired New Year's Resolutions

Good Morning Brainiacs,

It's almost 2017 which means we're all about to do the same pathetic thing we do every year: declare a resolution that we'll never complete and almost certainly forget by the second week of January.  Nevertheless, it's an idealistic and romantic tradition we have to put ourselves through annually.  

When thinking of resolutions, the cliches make me cringe: eat healthier, join a gym, achieve a higher GPA.  None of these ever happen, and yet practically 90% of people declare one of these as their resolution.  I started to think that maybe if we all chose something a little more practical and fun, it might actually happen.  Here is a list of the best New Year's resolutions to declare if you are a slave to fashion, a resolution you'll be eager to keep:

1. Wear More Black

Like a good New Yorker (where fashion reigns supreme), don this slimming, flattering, timeless color with elegance and pride.

2. Read 1 Fashion Bio per Month

Nothing makes me happier than a good read about a fashion icon.  Some recommendations are The Beautiful Fall, the story of Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent's careers, Walking with the Muses, Pat Cleveland's memoir, or D.V., Diana Vreeland's account of her time at Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. 

3. Subscribe to an Overseas Fashion Magazine

Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle are go-to magazines for American fashion lovers, but it's always nice to have a fresh perspective from a foreign land.  Some favorites of mine are Vogue Paris, The Love Magazine, and Paper.  

4. Commit to an At-Home Facial Once a Week

While the creams and moisturizers we buy at Sephora are effective, they can also be seriously expensive.  Instead, devote your time to mixing a small bowl of honey and cinnamon and smearing that on your face for 20 minutes once a week.  The honey helps to tighten pores and the cinnamon exfoliates. You're welcome.

5. Get a Statement Lipstick and Make it Yours

I believe the most vital piece in a makeup kit is that lipstick.  Get a statement color and make it inevitably YOU--no one can see that shade without thinking of your sexy self.

Got a resolution of yourself that doesn't suck? Comment with it below; let's discuss!




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